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How Much Time Will it Take to Record My Band?

The amount of hours you spend in the studio recording and mixing are dependent upon many things. While I don’t think studio engineers are attempting to be dishonest about the time you will have to book, I’ve yet to be involved in a recording project that didn’t go well beyond what both the engineer and

How To Write the Perfect Set List

While there is no absolute science to writing a perfect set list, and it’s often impossible to predict precisely what an audience will be like, I do think there are some common sense guidelines to putting together a song order that will serve your band the best. The following are the guidelines I always use

Nobody Ever Told Me I Have Small Hands!

or… You Are What You Believe You Are. I once played in a band with a lead singer, Paul, who wasn’t particularly handsome. Paul wasn’t particularly tall either. I’m quite certain he wasn’t aware of either of these distinctions, and I’m absolutely certain that if he was, he never considered them handicaps. Weekend after weekend