Joe Nerve

Native New YorkIMAG1049 (4) bassist Joe Nerve established himself, and his name, by being co-creator of the pop punk group The Nerve!.  Signed to Heyday Records in 2004, The Nerve! released 3 full length CDs, established a loyal fan base in NYC, and traveled up and down the east coast gigging for a solid 11 years.  During that time Joe also spent several years as the touring bassist for Bumblefoot (of Guns ‘n Roses), headlining shows throughout Europe.  He’s played with countless other artist locally and abroad, and been involved in close to a hundred original, cover, and tribute projects.  In the summer of 2014 Joe resurrected The Nerve! with a new lineup.  He is also currently holding down the low end for Peter Baron (Leslie West Group), and paying tribute to John Paul Jones and Led Zeppelin in the band Led Blimpie.  He officially endorses Ernie Ball Music Man basses, Minarik Guitars, and Hipshot products.

While bass guitar has always been Joe’s passion, he also holds a BA in Theatrical Arts and Writing from City University, and has taught on and off for 20 years in the NYC public school system. is a labor of love born of Joe’s many years of experience, good, bad and indifferent, involved in the business of establishing, maintaining, and being a positive member of a variety of musical groups. His passion for writing adds to the fuel for the fire that keeps this website burning.

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